The «Virtual Sochi 2014» project is an interactive three-dimensional terrain model of the XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi, which includes athletic facilities, interiors and exteriors of the main sports objects, as well as social and road infrastructure.


«Virtual Sochi-2014» is an advanced system of planning and organization of the local and international activities. It uses for demonstration, reporting and in preparation the territory to the Olympic Games, as well as for virtual training volunteers and other staff.


Interactive 3D-model accuracy reflects an area of 600 square kilometers of coastal and mountain clusters, the distance between which is 48 km away.
The central object is a cluster of coastal Olympic Park. It combines all of the sports facilities, parklands and infrastructure.


For the first time in the history of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games all the ice arenas will be located within walking distance of each other.


Mountain Cluster includes the following objects: Skiing and Biathlon Complex «Laura» for competition in cross country, Center Luge «Sledge», Ski resort «Rose Farm», Complex for ski jumping «Russian mountains», and Extreme Park «Rose Farm».

The model allows to estimate the scale of sports facilities and their distance from each other. This makes the discussion of planning objects and territories for the Organizing Committee employees more clear and evident, which certainly contributes to more rapid decision-making.


The inner set of tools of the «Virtual Sochi 2014» gives an opportunity to separate the access rights between users and share the modeled area into plots for individual staff members responsible for them. This allows to work independently on separate model objects and temporary infrastructure for further demonstration them to decision-makers. All the information about the objects is strictly confidential.


Interactive planning system also plays a significant role in reporting to The Coordination Commission of the International Olympic Committee. Main business tasks were set:

  • Create a tool for planning and organizing upcoming events
    The online tool «Virtual Sochi 2014» is not only a three-dimensional area with objects, it is also an effective system for planning and preparation to the upcoming events. User in real-time can consider in details the interiors and exteriors of all the architectural objects and the surrounding countryside in flight mode, set the temporary infrastructure from the database (from chairs to trailers and tents 100×100 meters), and without any help of specially trained people make the estimate and calculate independently how much furniture, appliances and other items may need to complete, for example, one of Olympic facilities.
  • User-friendly model for volunteers training
    The system allows you to remotely and massively instruct volunteers and other staff involved into the preparation of events, activities at sports facilities, and organize the terrain orientation trainings.
  • The demonstration system with the ability to create the marketing materials and videos
    Interactive three-dimensional system for planning and management the «Virtual Sochi 2014» activities allows to create any marketing materials completely autonomic — such as screenshots, posters, high-resolution prints and interactive video tours. You can also edit and export the finished video materials into video files, similar to the popular editors, including the Full HD format. The customer now can easily record tracks and any video training materials directly by himself — without the involvement of any developers and other professionals.

The result

The system «Virtual Sochi 2014» entered into the industrial exploitation. The team, involved into the project, conducted a serious optimization and added the special functionality, which is very important for the customer’s business process capabilities. In the separate task was simulated and placement the temporary infrastructure throughout the territory of the Olympic Games.
At present time our team supports system, which will last until the end of the Olympic Games in 2014.

Interactive 3D-model «Virtual Sochi» contains:

Area maps
General map of Sochi and its surrounding area, based on the real data of remote sensing areas, and the height territory map with the objects located there.

13 major architectural objects
Skiing and Biathlon Complex for competitions in cross country, Alpine Center, Center Luge «Sledge», Complex for ski jumping, Snowboard Park and Freestyle Center, Large and Small Ice Arenas, The Ice Palace for figure skating and short-track competitions, Speed Skating Centre, Olympic Curling Ice Arena, Central Stadium and Sochi Airport.

Static and animated objects
Small architectural objects transport, social and road infrastructure elements, lighting elements, greenery, spectators and staff figures, etc.

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