Reconstruction of the La Sagrera Barcelona area and the construction of transportation hub of the same name is one of the largest construction projects in Southern Europe for today. VIZERRA team under my supervision created a 3D model which enabled Dortoka Disseny, a company dedicated to digital media projects, graphic and audiovisual works on multiple platforms and formats. In addition, during the works to create the 3D model they identified several bottlenecks in the original paper plans that were subsequently eliminated. The model has become an effective tool for collaboration of architects, urban planners and municipal authorities in Barcelona.


The product completed work on the 4th stage of creating a reconstruction project model of the Barcelona district and the largest transport hub in Southern Europe, La Sagrera. During the most difficult work the model was transferred from the outdated platform to a newer one and updated, which significantly increased productivity and made it possible to use a greater number of objects. The project is being implemented in 11 stages. At each stage we create a complete visualization of the current stage of district reconstruction, which allows us to estimate the project as a whole, as well as any of its features. Each iteration of a model corresponds to the stage of design and takes about 1-2 months. Our client is DORTOKA DISSENY LLC and a huge Barcelona Sagrera Alta Velocitat team working on the reconstruction of the La Sagrera district.


Create a collaboration tool for architects, urban planners and municipal authorities in Barcelona.

Create a reporting tool for senior management of the project, including the company's board of directors and partners, providing each participant an opportunity to modify the project at all stages.

Create a tool to promote the project, aimed at the general public, so that the people of Barcelona were able to assess the overall development plan for the area and share their views.

Barcelona Sagrera Alta Velocitat is a state-owned enterprise established by the Ministry of Spain, the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council to create a network of high-speed railroads and a major transport hub in the city of Barcelona. Creation of a common infrastructure, the main railway station and city building in the Sant Andreu and Sagrera districts will be the largest project in Barcelona for many years to come. Investing is about 2.25 billion euros, plus the cost of creating all residential buildings, offices, hotels and other facilities.


Easy to use interactive 3D model — a replica of a projected La Sagrera transportation hub and district of Barcelona.
The model is being used as a versatile tool for collaboration of architects, urban planners and municipal authorities in Barcelona. It was extremely difficult to organize this cooperation, since the total number of drawings, sketches, static 3D models and other data on the project has counted several thousands of units.

Detailed model of the La Sagrera transportation hub.
The model shows the main parts of the interiors of the public transportation hub with easy switching between exterior and interior views, as well as free first person movement (walking/flying).

The critical flaws were found in the original drawings, for example, bottlenecks on the platforms: 80 cm along the escalator at stations with 11 thousand people per hour, which could lead not only to serious congestion, but to the life threat too. The VIZERRA model revealed similar shortcomings and let remove them successfully, saving about 10% of project cost.

Completely recreated La Sagrera environment — Barcelona neighborhoods, key roads and highways, all over 1,500 buildings.
Reconstruction of the surrounding area helps to evaluate not only the project itself and its features, but also how well it fits into the existing infrastructure and layout of the city, which is important for a positive decision on the implementation of a large-scale urban project.

To create an atmosphere of complete realism within interactive 3D models we use various animated objects — people, trees, cars, trains, etc. The mood is created by a rich soundtrack — sounds of wind, rustling leaves, streets, buses, cars, crowds, etc.

I’m managed to create an advanced premium presentation solution to demonstrate the project to the public. In addition, the interactive model is being used by the authorities of Barcelona to present the project to the general public, in Spain as well as at the international level, demonstrating the unique nature of the project and thought-out integration of its master plan into the existing architectural environment of Barcelona. This VIZERRA model is also a versatile reporting tool of the Sagrera Alta Velocitat team responsible for the reconstruction of the La Sagrera district.

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