Read some testimonials from my colleagues and business partners. Most of them you can find in my LinkedIn profile.

It was very pleasant to work with Alexander.
He skillfully combines leadership skills, exceptional attention to detail, the pursuit of excellence and the ability to clearly articulate complex innovative tasks in an understandable and accessible way.
This is a very responsive and versatile person, with whom one can boldly take on the most seemingly impossible tasks.

Belevtsov Aleksandr

Alexander great strategies and manager.

He is very thoughtful and patient carefully calculates and plans all possible steps and selects the optimum of them!
Dmitrova Ekaterina Testimonials
Ekaterina Dmitrova

Alexander – a systematic and fundamental. For him there are no trifles, all items will be into view. The sign and successfully uses a variety of project and product management methodology, including ready to take the most necessary of several for use on a particular extraordinary project!

Kirill Goncharik

Alexander is an excellent food director and a highly qualified specialist. He managed to create several new ones and restart existing company lines. He is an excellent organizer and leader, able to organize the work of any team, due to which he achieves excellent results.

Natalia Kutischeva

I highly appreciate Alexander’s skills in the field of automation of project management based on the PMBoK methodology. It was very interesting to cooperate with him.

Alexey Fomichev

I loved working with Alexander. He scrupulously approach to their work, examining it to the smallest detail. Due to this result is exactly the way you expect it, and that is the highest level!

Roman Riabtsev

More than nine years ago (2008), Raresoft enthusiastically contributed the prowess of Software and E-learning to the grassroots effort that lead to high performance and company success. Today, we are both honored and about our cooperation in this next generation focused on the challenges of BigData Integration, Change Sensitivity, Performance, and Scalability. Together we are going to go a long way towards materialization of the true potential and ultimate destiny of the World Wide Web.

Alex Malkoff

We’ve worked on the Unity visualization project for Vizerra and I can honestly state that Alex sets realistic objectives and manages project from his side very skilfully. Communication was great along with overall workflow. Alex knows his business and does it very well. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

Anna Degtyareva

I worked with Alexander for several years. He is an excellent leader and very good at organizing people. Besides that he is a very punctual person.

Alexandr Seliverstov

Worked with Alexander on the design and implementation of various solutions in the field of user interface. On his part, the most detailed and impressive input data was prepared with full, detailed penetration into the nuances. In the process of numerous working iterations, he showed himself to be a reserved, adequate and knowledgeable person, always ready to offer a nontrivial way out of the situation.

Artem Brizgalov

Alexander is distinguished by the ability to see the goal and the path to it in the long term development, the closest match to the deadlines for the tasks set, the sense of responsibility and dedication in the implementation of projects and the most important is the pronounced systemic thinking – this is pursued in everything – even in the creation of an ordinary technical assignment 🙂 He has a lot to learn from within the management and can certainly be entrusted with the implementation of complex projects and multitasking.

Alexey Shikhovets